PAA Capital Group: Simplifying International Trade and Cross-Border Payments

Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019

Propelled by operational and technological innovations, the payments industry is constantly revamping itself in an ambitious bid to cope with the dynamic nature of customer needs. Multiple near-term, individual trends are revolutionising their way toward sculpting the new-age payment and card landscape. Both technologies as well as data-driven strategies are being weighed against differentiated experiences, with an objective to render a seamless and secure transaction flow. Added to that, firms are moving ahead of the legacy systems and stepping toward infrastructure modernization involving targeted mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Considering these circumstances, services providers are assessing the relevance of these trends two-three years from the present day.

Understanding this transitory phase, Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Services Companies in Europe to guide organisations associated with the payment and card sector in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s invoicing challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies, while simultaneously engaging customers with tools that provide an excellent transactional experience.

In the wake of technological advancements in the payments and card landscape, we are glad to feature Pacific Asian Atlantic Capital Group (PAA CAPITAL GROUP) on our annual list of Payment and Card Consulting/Services Companies. PAA CAPITAL offers cross-border payment services to enterprises and banks through the combination of a network of segregated bank accounts. The company is a fully-licensed financial institution, accredited by the Ministry of Finance and Development in Botswana, redefining the future of banking as a service. In its journey of facilitating global payment and funding options, the firm aims to eliminate the complexity associated with international fund transfers and trades.

Enlisted on this edition is BANCIBO, an organisation who has revamped its business strategy after the deregulation of cards and payments services. Having partnered with other firms, the company has evolved as a payment provider and an e-money issuer without a full bank license in order to capitalise on the market challenges and attain global recognition. On the other hand, HomeSend is essentially developed to enable banks, money transfer firms, government institutions, mobile money operators and similar other fintech organisations. The HomeSend network collaborates with financial houses with an aim to modernize monetary transactions both domestic and across borders.

For Ementexx, however, the USP lies in its ennoxx.banking, which is a fully-automated banking and communication platform financial transactions across multiple banks. The company’s software is tailored to the needs of every client, aimed at process-optimised workflows in a business.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these service providers are constantly proving their mettle in the payments and card industry. We hope this issue of Banking CIO Outlook helps you build a futuristic partnership with your clients to foster a technologically-driven environment.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Payment and Card Consulting/Services Companies in Europe

  • BANCIBO is a Prague-based global payment service provider that had started out in 2012 as a small closed-loop card issuer. Evolving with time, today the company offers regional payment services, payment gateways via Mastercards and Visa debit cards, mobile applications, multicurrency current accounts, and several other digital payment services. In order to make its payment services highly secure, BANCIBO also works in partnership with a global solution provider that covers ID documents of over 180 countries. As one of the top payment and card consulting/services companies in Europe, BANCIBO plans to launch its Mastercard debit card and bank account package for the international customer based in the E.U. in the forthcoming days

  • A fully licensed financial institution, accredited by the Ministry of Finance and Development in Botswana, PAA CAPITAL provides cross-border payment services to enterprises and banks through the combination of a network of segregated bank accounts. Maintaining local banking partnerships, PAA CAPITAL equips clients with access to a global payment network, through which client business is settled directly via local clearing to banked beneficiaries over four continents. To redefine the future of banking as a service, the company is empowering enterprises with bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, international inward and outward payments, and currency exchange on a secure, user-friendly online cloud banking platform with free mobile iOS and Android apps

  • Bizum


    Bizum is an instant, streamlined, and secure way to pay with mobile. With Bizum, users can send and receive money through their bank's app. This is a new payment solution with which banks expand the offer of services to their customers. Bizum is characterized by being an immediate payment solution with instant availability of funds in the user's usual bank account. It is universal and integral as users do not need to change banks to make payments between individuals, in physical commerce and stores on-line



    Bulgarian-based information technology & services company, BORICA bank services play a vital role as a fundamental IT infrastructure for the Bulgarian payment industry. Within the company's main priorities lay the development and the functioning of payment systems, ensuring the associates reliable, high-quality, and innovative payment services. These services can be offered to end customers – physical and juridical persons. The company's aim is to provide a modern card and payment environment for financial institutions. BORICA strives to meet the needs of banks of advanced and innovative technology solutions for the benefit of their end clients

  • Ementexx GmbH

    Ementexx GmbH

    ementexx is a service provider of transaction services. The company views banking as encompassing all processes and systems involved in monetary transactions. It provides tailored solutions for all operations and aspects of the banking business to businesses. Ementexx's mission is to make its customers' banking processes more efficient, better value, and more productive. It aims to make everyday work at companies and banks easier with optimized workflows. Ementexx provides comprehensive consulting services in all areas of the transaction process, meeting regulatory requirements and market demands at all times

  • Enfuce


    Enfuce is an innovative payment service provider focusing on the future possibilities within payments from a world without legacy. The company is a service provider to both incumbent actors as well as newcomers within the payment and consumer finance industry. Enfuce offers each service using the existing infrastructure when we onboard new customers. Its offerings include a full-stack open banking platform, issuing and acquiring services, strong customer authentication, and back-office services. Enfuce's mission is to enable innovation and change in the fast-paced and ever-changing industry that is financial technology, with technical excellence hardcoded into the company

  • FIME


    FIME is an advanced end-to-end transaction solution and mobile services, enabling market security and interoperability. The company provides HCE and cloud-based payments consultancy testing and certification with alignment with the most distinguished industry standards. FIME offers a complete range of testing, consultancy and certification services for both global and domestic payment schemes. It ensures that smart card vendors stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions swiftly and cost-effectively in the ever-changing market. FIME helps the leaders to thrive under increasing pressure to increase profits and provide quality products

  • HomeSend


    HomeSend is the pioneer in the revolution to transform the way funds flow cross-border. It is designed to work with banks, money transfer organizations, mobile money operators, and more by helping businesses modernize the way they receive cross-border payments.The company offers a better service to their end-users. HomeSend connects the world using its network,enabling financial institutions that pay to transfer funds to financial institutions that receive, in a way that is secure, convenient, and affordable. HomeSend enables Money Transfer Organisations (MTOs) to expand its reach through its global network, giving access to a variety of payment instruments through one single, secure connection

  • Nextendis


    Nextendis an independent consultancy focused on digital technologies for payment. The company provides strategic guidance as well as project management and support with proven expertise in NFC, means of payment. With both technology and domain expertise, Nextendis consultants are providing support during your whole project life cycle from inception to delivery. The company works with large corporations like mobile network operators, banks payment service providers and payment schemes and inter-bank bodies. Nextendis consultants are involved in projects related to contactless mobile services, contactless transport ticketing, mobile payment solutions, dematerialization of parking and urban mobility solutions, distribution of wallets, and more

  • ProFIX


    ProFIX provides system integration for the sophisticated IT infrastructure of Tier 1-2 banks. The company implements exceptional banking software and adaptation with local requirements. ProFIX's team of business and technology professionals offer outstanding customer support with a robust background in the financial area. It reduces the time taken to send and receive transfers by connecting automated money transfer processing channels, increasing the speed and reliability of data transfer and processing. Confirming the status of the market leader of IT solutions for banks, ProFIX Company offers services for the development of money transfer systems. ProFIX's principal businesses are fintech innovations, providing opportunities to expand and grow financial businesses in B2C, B2B, and p2p regions